Monday, September 24, 2012

First Day of Coop!

My girls have been anxiously waiting for our first day of Coop!  We were sad to leave our previous Coop, but very excited to begin our adventure with the new Coop!  

Our Coop meets weekly on Friday from 9-3.  They will be taking 5 classes this year.  

Izzie's Schedule:  K-1
  • Introduction To The 50 States
  • Journey Through The Bible
  •  Literature 
  • Spanish 
  • PE 
Mac's Schedule:  Preschool
  •  Science 
  • ABC's
  • Free Play
  • Snoozy Stories 
  • Messy Class
 Izzie was a little nervous about meeting new friends and had a few jitters, but she had a GREAT first day!  She made several new friends and really enjoyed her Spanish class.  I was able to stay in the Preschool classes, so Mac was fine, as long as she could see me!  It was a long day and we were all completely exhausted by 3pm, but it was so worth it!  

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