Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter L Activities

This week Mac focused on the Letter "L".  It was a short school week and a super busy week, since it was also her birthday week!  I'm still in shock that my baby is now 4 years old! 

Our beautiful birthday girl! 

Working on her Letter L activities from My Father's World


Enjoying several supplemental activities...

Letter "L" crafts from All About Reading.


 She LOVES playing Starfall...I would highly recommend More.Starfall too!   

Her favorite game these days is Don't Break The Ice

The weather here has been a roller coaster.  We spent Tuesday afternoon at the was 76 degrees! 

However, by Thursday morning, we had snow and our weekly Co-Op was canceled!  

The girls spent the morning playing games.  They are really enjoying Go Fish and Crazy Faces by Eeboo!  And, of course....drinking hot cocoa! 

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