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TOS Review: Classical Academic Press


Classical Academic Press specializes in providing quality educational materials for a classical education. Their Song School curricula for foreign languages, Latin, Greek, and Spanish, were designed to take advantage of the natural capacity of young children (K-3rd) to learn and master language by song and chant as well as by reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  

According to Classical Academic Press, Spanish is the most usable second language for North American students to learn and master.  Izzie, 6 years old, has been begging politely requesting to learn to speak Spanish.  I took three years of Spanish in high school and unfortunately learned very little.  I was only taught common words and phrases; therefore, I did not learn the language well enough to communicate correctly, fluently, and accurately.  I want Izzie's experience to be completely different!

When offered to review the Song School Spanish curriculum, I was more than willing.

We received:

Song School Spanish interactive, paperback student workbook text with audio CD ($24.95)




What's included in the Song School Spanish student workbook text?

  • A suggested schedule that is designed to be flexible and adaptable for each student. 
  • Suggested additional resources that supplement Song School Spanish.  Several of these resources are available for free. 
  • Pronunciation Guide that lists the Spanish alphabet with each letter's pronunciation, sound,  and word example.  There is also an explanation regarding the use of accents and diphthongs. 
  • Thirty weekly lessons including review chapters.  It is suggested to complete one chapter per week. 
  • Each chapter contains a list of words and/or phrases to learn, lyrics to the corresponding chapter songs, a variety of chapter lesson activities, and a section for the child to show what he or she has learned throughout the chapter. 
  • At the back of the book, there are eight pages of cutouts that accompany activities within the student workbook text. 
  • An accompanying music CD (42 songs/chants) is also included.  There is at least one song/chant per chapter.


What's included in the Song School Spanish Teacher's Edition?

  • Suggested schedule, using a generic, three-day schedule that can be adapted to fit the needs of each student. 
  • The entire student workbook text, with answer keys to all questions, exercises, puzzles, and activities on the same page for quick guidance and assessment. 
  • Teaching tips containing suggestions, guidance, and ideas for using the student workbook text.
  • Over forty pages of additional activities and worksheets with answer keys that correspond to each chapter in the student workbook text.  These activities can be used as supplemental work. 


How did we use the Song School Spanish curriculum?

It is recommended to use the curriculum three-to-four days a week.  Izzie was able to complete one chapter per week, averaging thirty minutes, four days a week. 

During the review period, Izzie completed five chapters.  Here's a glimpse into our typical weekly schedule using Song School Spanish.  

  • Day 1:  Each chapter begins with a list of words or phrases to learn and the chapter songs.  For proper pronunciation, Izzie listened to the free downloadable MP3 files and repeated each word.  Afterward, she listened to the chapter songs/chants on the accompanying audio CD, while coloring the free supplemental vocabulary handouts for the chapter.  
Chapter 2: Words/Phrases to Learn and Chapter Songs

Coloring supplemental handouts, while listening to chapter songs.

  • Day 2:  Izzie would review the chapter vocabulary words by using the above coloring handouts as flashcards.  She loved to interact with the flashcards, while making up silly games.   If needed, she would listen to the MP3 files for correct pronunciation.

During this game, I would say the English word and Izzie had a blast jumping to the corresponding Spanish word.  It was a great way to review!

 Afterward, she would listen to the corresponding chapter songs/chants from the accompanying audio CD. 

Lastly, she would complete the Chapter Lesson, which included various reading and writing activites. 

Chapter 1: Practice writing by tracing dots and drawing a picture of her la maestra.  

Chapter 3: Filling in the correct vocabulary word and drawing a picture to reflect.  I really like the way the student workbook text is interactive and encourages Izzie to actively participate!

Chapter 4 was a review of the first three chapters.  She really enjoyed the Chapter Story: The Three Little Pigs.  While I read the story, she circled all the Spanish words.

  • Day 3:  After reviewing the chapter vocabulary words and listening to the chapter songs/chants, the girls were always excited to play games or have a puppet show with Tortuga and Conejo! 

My girls had the best time with the Tortuga and Conejo puppets, not only were they having fun, but they were learning Spanish too!  

  • Day 4:  After listening to the chapter songs/chants, Izzie would complete the Show What You Know section within the chapter. 

Chapter 1: Show What You Know

Chapter 2: Show What You Know

Afterward, she would complete the supplemental activity page found at the back of the Song School Spanish Teacher's Edition.

Chapter 1: Supplemental Work

Chapter 4: Supplemental Work

In addition, if available for the chapter, she would play the free supplemental Flash Dash game.  


What I Liked: 
  • The Song School Spanish student workbook text is very kid-friendly.  The lessons are short and interactive. 
  •  Izzie really enjoyed listening and singing along to the accompany audio CD!  The songs/chants are fun and catchy.
  • The puppets were a huge hit with my girls!  
  • I really enjoyed the free supplemental resources that are available.  The coloring handouts are  fabulous to use in many different ways.
  • I feel very confident that Song School Spanish will give Izzie a solid foundation and prepare her for advanced Spanish curricula.
  • The Song School Spanish Teacher’s Edition was designed to be flexible and easy to use by the parent.   It contained everything that I needed to feel confident and knowledgeable to teach  Spanish to Izzie!

What I would suggest for improvement:
  • My girls were a little disappointed that the Tortuga and Conejo puppets were not in color.  The puppets were shaded in, which made them difficult to color.  Either having the puppets in color or clear, so that the student is able to color each, would be a huge plus!  
  • Izzie needed guidance with the free supplemental Flash Dash game.  In order to play independently, the child must be able to read words in both English and Spanish.  It would be helpful if there was a way that the child could click on each word, when needed, and the word was read to them.   

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Song School Spanish curriculum from Classical Academic Press for any child (K-3rd) wanting to learn Spanish.

Song School Spanish student workbook text with audio CD ($24.95)



I look forward to adding other subjects from Classical Academic Press to our homeschooling schedule!  

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 Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.


  1. What a fantastic review!! Your girls are ADORABLE!! I will be sharing your review on the Crew Facebook page tomorrow. Great Job!

  2. We enjoyed SSSpanish too. Stopping by from the crew!


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