Saturday, April 6, 2013

Field-Trip Friday...Montpelier

I absolutely adore that we live in Virgina!  There's so much history here and I love being able take the girls on day trips to explore all of it! 

We headed up Constitution Highway and spent the day at Montpelier, the plantation estate of James Madison, the fourth President of the United States.  We were extremely excited that Montpelier hosted its first ever Homeschool Day this year!   There were many fun, educational, and interactive programs and activities throughout the day, which included a tour of the estate, hikes in the old growth forest, the opportunity to sit in on the Constitutional Convention and to read from James' bookshelf, many colonial games on the back lawn, and much more!

James Madison's Montpelier...Virginia

 Montpelier offers 2,650 acres of rolling hills, spacious horse pastures, and spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The view from the front porch was breathtaking!  I love seeing the gorgeous mountain ranges.

 Exploring Montpelier...



The Temple where James Madison contemplated democracy is just north of the mansion.


 Montpelier was home to five generations of enslaved people.  For more than 100 years African and African-American slaves lived, labored, and died at Montpelier.  Very little is known about the slave community at Montpelier due to the destruction of most of the Madison family papers in the mid-19th century.

 Domestic slaves who worked in the Madison's household lived in this nearby area known as the "South Yard", which included three slave quarters and two smokehouses.  


Mac had the best time playing the outdoor games that young James Madison and his siblings would have: hoop racing, the game of graces, sack races, and corn cob dart tossing!

We hiked a very, very small portion of Montpelier's 200 acre old growth forest. 


The girls had a great time exploring the stunning 2-acre Annie duPont Garden!  Unfortunately, with our winter weather continuing into spring, there weren't any flowers in bloom.  However, I imagine that it is spectacular in full bloom!  



 After our educational day at Montpelier, we made a quick stop at the Train Depot down the road.

William duPont, Montpelier's last owner, built a train depot in 1910.  It has been restored as a museum to its segregated appearance. 


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  1. So much history in the East, can't wait to get back there one day! (I'm from VA). Thanks for linking up at FTF!


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