Thursday, April 4, 2013

Swim Lessons

Our month just got a little bit busier!  The girls are taking swimming lessons twice a week in the evenings.  Unfortunately, their lessons aren't on the same nights, so that means I'm at the pool four nights a week! 

Mac is really enjoying the lessons.  She's listening very carefully and trying everything that the instructor is asking her to do.  I was amazed that the instructor had the kids going under water and jumping in the pool during the first lesson!  Mac did everything without hesitation!  She's constantly asking when is it her turn to go back to swim lessons. 

 Izzie is a different story.  She doesn't like getting her face/head wet, even in the tub.   She was very reluctant to try; however, she did surprise me that she attempted to put her head under water and even jumped off the side a few times!  Unfortunately, she keeps informing me that she's NOT going back to swim lessons this week and doesn't understand why she needs to learn to swim.  Yes, it could be a long month of swim lessons with Izzie.   

Praying they both learn to swim this summer! 

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