Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TOS Review: Math Rider

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Does your student complain every.single.time it's time to review their math facts?  In our house, reviewing math facts is a constant struggle!  So, when I was asked to review Math Rider, an interactive on-line math software program for children ages 6-12, who want an exciting way to review number facts (1-12) for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a new and innovative way, I was beyond excited!   


 We received the instant download of Math Rider, $47.  


How does it work?

Each operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) contains four quests, ranging from easy to master, which contain different rewards determined on how well the student answered the math operation.  I appreciate that Math Rider has taken out hand-eye coordination requirements, which tend to frustrate younger children, who may know the math answer, but are still struggling with other game "gadgets".  Your student is rewarded for simply typing in the correct answer.  

Your student will travel to a land of fantasy and quests.  Here in the Land of Ray, which contains amazing digital backdrops of different landscapes, he or she will set out on various adventures!  While riding their horse, Shadow, they will try to accomplish different quests, such as finding magical flowers, returning gems to the elves and rescuing a princess by answering the math operations. 

Curious?  Watch the below video!

For the parent, the best part is that while your student is playing, the game learns what your student knows and what he or she still needs to practice!  Every single response is recorded and statistically analyzed by the the software.  Then, the program is able to custom-tailor the game to your student!



 How did we use Math Rider? 

First, I threw out the flashcards and reintroduced learning the math facts.  Izzie, 6 years old, was thrilled that she no longer needed to practice her addition and subtraction math facts.  Little did she know, she was going to be learning them!  Izzie knows her addition math facts, but still needs practice with her subtraction facts.  She is very dependent on finger or ruler counting when dealing with subtraction. 

Izzie started with the addition quest in order to learn how to play the game and to build confidence.  I was quite surprised to see that her addition math facts speed increased during the game!   She is currently working on the subtraction quest.


What I liked: 
  • Math Rider is extremely affordable!  Only $47, which includes free updates for life!
  • It can be used with up to 8 players!  Yes, everyone in your family will have their own rider and a custom-tailored math program! 
  • It can be downloaded onto three separate computers in your home.  
  • I'm able to track Izzie to see improvement and to determine where she still needs more practice. 
  • The graphics are wonderful, the adventures are fun, and she doesn't even realize that she's learning her number facts! 

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Math Rider as a review game for all students, grades 2-6, who are learning their number facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

If you would like your child to try out the software, I encourage you to take advantage of the FREE 7-day trial. 

Please be sure to check out the system requirements.  

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