Thursday, August 13, 2009

Favorite Toys

I enjoy discovering new toys that other children are learning with. I spend countless hours researching toys for birthday and Christmas gifts, trying to make sure each toy is "fun" as well as educational. Lately, I've been trying to find toys that can also be incorporated into Izzie's speech therapy sessions too. Our speech therapist has great ideas and shows me different ways to incorporate speech in most activities (I'll be sharing these in another post). I've added an Amazon Widget to share Izzie and Mac's favorite toys. Izzie is currently 35 months old and Mac is 6 months old. Here are a few more toys that I snatched up at yard sales this summer that Izzie is having fun (learning) with. I can't find these online.

Apple and cheese wooden lacing objects for only 25 cents a piece. Great for lacing skills!

Wooden farm dominoes for only $1. Here is a similar set.

Wooden nut and bolt set by Melissa and Doug for $1. Great for fine motor skills.

Wooden hands puzzle for a quarter. Melissa and Doug makes a similar puzzle (click here).

Magnetic dress-up dolls with a ton of outfits. This has been a huge hit in our house!
I got the entire set for $3. Melissa and Doug has a similar set.

My favorite bargain...this huge wooden puzzle set and activity board that I got for only $3.
Unfortunately, there isn't a logo on either piece and I can't find anything similar.

There's a chunky puzzle piece for each letter of the alphabet that can be placed on the activity board. There's a town, a zoo, a farm, and even a castle on the activity board. Notice in the "lion" spot that underneath each piece is the corresponding letter and word.
We're using this a lot with Speech!

My only complaint: it isn't magnetic, but still a lot fun!

I would love to know what toys your children are learning with!


  1. I loved seeing the dress up dolls because it brought back memories of my childhood...I loved those! It's really neat that these are magnetic. You are doing an amazing job finding great educational/fun toys! I will make sure to do that once our treasure is born! They are seem like great toys! My mom worked at a daycare for years and Lincoln Logs were always a hit because they are rounded and in order to stack them up you need to patiently put them on teaches perseverence. I also loved playing with Legos when I was a lil older because they entertained me for hours and inspired my big imagination!

  2. Those are great finds! I've never tried the yard sale search, but maybe I will have to. I like your widget of favorite toys too. That's a great way to remember them. Where do you find that to put on your own blog?

  3. Okay, first of all, can I come garage sale shopping with you?! I'm incredibly jealous of all your amazing finds!!!! That is awesome. I just told my husband that I'm going garage sale shopping this weekend. Ha! He seemed less than enthusiastic. :)

    As far as toys that Maddie learns with, anything Melissa and Doug is a huge hit (with me, too). She loves her play kitchen and felt food my sisters made. She also has buckets/drawers full of Disney figures (the princesses are her faves) that she plays endlessly with. They go in her doll house, "walk" the lines of our rug or just travel everywhere. It's great for vocabulary, role playing and just plain imagination. :)

  4. I started going to yard sales this summer and I'm finding so much stuff for great prices...I'm officially addicted to yard sales!

    Sheena--to get an Amazon widget, scroll down to my widgets and under, click on "Get Widget"'ll need to register with Amazon (free). Their program will completely walk you through to adding your's really that simple! Have fun!

  5. Great finds!! We have a sewing block that is a less fancy version of the mouse cheese and apple worm. They're great in the car : )

  6. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. These are great toy ideas. I especially love the hand puzzle. I love Melissa and Doug products!


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