Saturday, August 8, 2009

Super Summer Swap

Izzie received her Super Summer Swap package in the mail from Cali, who lives in Texas.

She was so excited to open the box!

Goodies inside: coloring book, dry erase board with marker, echo-phone, wooden initial letters, pack of foam stickers, putty, friends stamp, roller stamper, stickers, Dora ring float, Dora bubbles (not pictured) and Mickey Mouse board book (not pictured). Izzie refused to let go of the bubbles and book!

Thank you so much Cali for all the wonderful goodies!

If you want to check out more goodies from the Super Summer Swap, click here!


  1. That looks like SUCH fun! I've seen so many posts about it; it's definitely something we're bummed to have missed out on. I'm glad she enjoyed all her goodies!!

  2. OOO!! The echophone will be great for her! We've wanted one to encourage speech, but didn't buy one since her SLP sometimes uses one. Wasn't the swap great?


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