Monday, August 10, 2009

Melissa and Doug On Sale!

We're wanting to get Izzie an art easel and art supplies for Christmas (I know it's too early to be thinking about Christmas), but I always have my eye out for a great deal. We were in Books A Million this weekend and they had most of their Melissa and Doug items on sale!

I snatched up a 4-pack of Spill Proof Paint Cups for $3 and a pack of paintbrushes for $2. Then, I used my Teacher Discount card for an extra 20% off...WOW!!


  1. I love Melissa & Doug toys. Hubby was at Khols (dept store) just last night and found all the Melissa & Doug items buy one get one half.

  2. Oh, I disagree...(and I think you do too!)

    It's not too early for thinking about Christmas! I'm also always looking for a good deal-on items that I have in mind for gifts! I still want to make some gifts, but time is tight, it seems.


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