Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to make Maple Syrup?

We spent the day at the Maple Festival to celebrate the "opening" of the sugar maple trees! The best part of the festival is eating the food made from the local maple syrup. This year's menu included: pancakes, chicken, trout, BBQ and even desserts...donuts, fudge, candy, ice cream, and lollipops.

It's always a challenge getting a family picture with everyone smiling and looking at the camera!

We spent the morning strolling downtown enjoying the crafts and activities.

Then, we headed to the Sugar Farms to buy some local Maple Syrup! We visited two Sugar Farms, where we observed the process of maple syrup making. There are two different ways to remove the sap from the Sugar Maple Trees...

One: Tap it. It was really neat to watch the liquid being removed from the tree and watching it travel through the plastic tubing hundreds of yards to the main building.

There were multiple tapholes on each tree. One taphole can produce 5-15 gallons of sap.

The first Sugar Farm we visited used reverse osmosis to make their maple syrup.

The second farm used more primitive techniques to make their maple syrup.

Collect the sap.

Boil the sap.

It was a nice Spring day in the mountains...good weather, good food, and great company!


  1. I was really hoping you weren't going to post a recipe for "maple" syrup.

    I've helped friends collect syrup before. I think the difference between the buckets and lines is how many trees you tap (and the cost involved for the lines/upkeep).

    Is it just now maple season there? It's more like February in northeastern PA (where I helped).

    Our family pics look like yours.

  2. I would love to do this sometime. You guys look like you had a blast.

  3. I hope we can do this sometime. We are learning about VT right now and this would be perfect.


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