Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tot School

Tot School

Izzie is 42 months old and Mac is 13 months old.

Our main themes for this week was Noah's Ark and Rainbows.

Each morning, we read Noah's story from the Bible and Izzie retold the story using her story cards and felt board pieces that she created. For more details, see original post.

She spent time completing several Letter U activities (U is for umbrella, Izzie loves using an umbrella when it's raining, so it kinda fit into our theme for the week).

For our stART project, Izzie read Duckie's Rainbow and completed a few rainbow activities.

New shelf activities included:

Creating a rainbow using pipe cleaners and styrofoam (I've seen this activity on numerous blogs). Izzie really enjoyed it and it was great for fine motor skills.

Leap Frog Dominoes game...matching up colors.

Just for fun...

Drawing family members on her easel. She informed me that the big circle in the middle of the body is the belly button!

Washing dishes, or possibly washing her clothes...that she's wearing!

She helped make Rice Krispies bunny treats for our playdate.

We spent one morning at a group playdate, where the hostess had planned a ton of great activities!

Izzie colored her Easter eggs, all by she kept reminding me. She did not want any help from me; she is becoming so independent.

Izzie hopped around with her bunny ears on that she made. She also made a bunny cupcake and another bunny craft.

We had a hoppin' good time!

Tiny Tot School

Mac concentrating on her rainbow can tell by her tongue!

Playing with her rainbow stacking bowls.

I walked in the living room and found Mac reading a library book! We keep the weekly library books in the basket beside their little couch. The girls love to snuggle and read books together!

Coloring with Izzie in their super new coloring book. Mac is starting to mimic everything that Izzie does!

She learned how to climb on and off her Rocking Horse.

She really enjoys helping me do the laundry, putting in and taking out the clothes. Here she's taking a break for a quick game of Peek-a-Boo!

For more Tot School, please visit 1+1+1=1.

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