Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letter U Activities

Izzie completed the Magnet Page with her Dot Markers. I've been wanting to make these Magnetic Pom Poms for Izzie to use on the Magnet Pages too. She may get them in her Easter basket this year!

For letter recognition (capital and lowercase letter U), she completed this activity that I turned into a file folder game. For me, it's easier to store and locate being in a file folder. I attached a small snack Ziploc bag to the inside of the file folder to hold the smaller pieces.

U is for umbrella. Inspiration from No Time For Flashcards.

I'm starting a letter template binder for Izzie. I printed the letter U template and simply slid it into a clear page protector. This time, she used Play-doh to construct the letters, but the options are endless to use with the templates.

She practiced writing the letter U. These are the reusable uppercase flashcards from Kumon. I bought these at a used resource sale and they are wonderful. I'm really wanting to purchase the lowercase letters too!

More writing practice. I recently found an amazing site, Preschool Palace, with a ton of preschool activities. It's worth the time to check out!

Matching capital letters and lowercase letters. Again, I made this activity into a file folder game. She used her lowercase letter tiles.

She really enjoyed matching the number umbrellas to the correct amount of raindrops with
the number flip book.

I found this counting activity and thought I would introduce Izzie to the concept of counting by ten. She was able to recognize numbers 10, 20 and 30, but wasn't interested in learning the other numbers. I went over it with her a few times then left her alone to "practice". I was quite surprised when I came back and she had the grid completed in the correct number sequence! However, it was a little deceiving...I asked her to count the numbers for me. Well, she started counting 10, 20, 30, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 100! She recognized that she could put them in correct number sequence by just looking at the first's a start!

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