Saturday, March 2, 2013

AHG Badge: 7 C's Of History

Izzie completed and earned 11 American Heritage Girls' badges during the fall. 

The first badge she completed was the 7 C's of History badge.  It was a great badge to work on as she was learning about the 7 days of creation.  

She drew a picture to represent each day of creation and made the pages into a booklet.  

She is creating a scrapbook as her "proof" that she completed the requirements for each badge.  

She created another Creation Wheel to use to explain what happened on each day of creation.  In addition, she had to watch the Veggie Tales "The Bad Apple" movie.  Afterward, she explained ways that she is tempted and how to avoid temptation.  Finally, she was required to read a different book about creation and compare it to the Bible, discussing the similarities and differences.

Izzie's AHG page with activities and badge work. 

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