Sunday, March 17, 2013

Garden of Eden: Adam

After completing the activities for the seven days of creation for their Bible Timeline Notebook, the girls spent some time reviewing the seven continents by learning the names and location of each.  

They enjoyed working various world puzzles too.  

Well, Izzie enjoyed working the puzzles, while Mac enjoyed being silly! 

We discussed that multiple countries make up a continent and that we live in the country of the United States of America on the continent of North America. 

Afterward, the girls learned that God made a very special place called the Garden of Eden, where He placed the first man, Adam.   Izzie colored the continents surrounding the Garden of Eden and we discussed that many believe that it was located somewhere in present-day Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.  


 I couldn't find a coloring picture of just Adam in the Garden of Eden, so the girls colored and pasted animals around Adam, while covering up Eve.

 We took some time to discuss how it was Adam's responsibility to take care of the Garden of Eden.  The girls each created their own chore chart to help take care of their home too.  

Izzie's chores include:
  • Helping with breakfast each morning.
  • Unloading the dishwasher after breakfast.
  • Making her bed.
  • Helping with lunch. 
  • Wiping down the table after lunch. 
  • Setting the table for dinner. 
  • Taking the dishes to the sink after dinner. 
  • Wiping down the bathroom sink after brushing teeth before bedtime. 

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