Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brown Bear Brown Bear Theme Week

This week we are reading the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle. This is one of Izzie's favorite books...she can read it over and over again! I created another Tot Book to go with this book. I found the template here. I did add a few things and changed a few things just to customize it for Izzie. Here are the individual items from left to right in the Tot Book.

Izzie is really enjoying playing with...

"Heads and Tails"

"Bear Sequencing", and

"Count With Me". These templates can be found here.

The "Coloring Animals" templates are here. I wanted Izzie to be able to reuse the coloring animals, so I laminated she can use her washable markers/crayons on them more than once! Izzie didn't want to color and insisted on reading the book again. So, to make the book more interactive, I placed her color-coded clothespins and the "Coloring Animals" cards on the ground. While I read the book, Izzie would find the animal and match the correct color clothespin to the animal. She really enjoys matching colors! However, the template does not have a card for the white dog. I found a picture of the white dog here and just created my own coloring card using Word.

"Looking At Me Cards" can be found here.

I found this adorable Bingo Game Cards and pieces here.

In addition, I included lacing cards for each animal, which I found here. I am in the process of finding various color yarn or shoe laces for the lacing cards. I would like Izzie to be able to match the yarn/lace with the correct color lacing card.

I also included a Concentration game that I found here. Izzie is still a little too young to truly play concentration, so instead she has fun matching the animal pieces.

I found this Shadow Matching Game here and turned it into a file folder game. Izzie really enjoyed playing it...again, matching is one of her favorite activities.

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