Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chicka Chicka Theme Week Day 2

Today, we continued with our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme. We started by reading the book, then we played with the Chicka Chicka Tot Book. Izzie is having a hard time matching up capital and lower-case letters; therefore, I made her a flashcard set. I found the flashcards here and I laminated them, then cut them in half, so now she can use it as a game to match up the capital and lower-case letters. She really enjoyed looking at all the pictures on the flashcards, but was a little overwhelmed with the 52 pieces. So, I placed half the capital letters down at a time, then had her match the lower-case letters with them.

I found this idea here. To reinforce letter identification, Izzie looked through magazines to find each letter of the alphabet. I then cut out the letters for her and she glued the letters on her coconut tree that she had colored.

She also worked her alphabet puzzle. She can work this puzzle very fast, but today I wanted her to really identify the letters. Therefore, I would ask, "Izzie, where is the letter M?" and she would find the letter that I asked for...she identified all the letters correctly!

We also worked on the "Alphabet Song". There are several cute ABC songs on YouTube. This was Izzie's favorite.

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