Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Plastic Egg Activities

Izzie has really enjoyed playing with the plastic eggs this year. I made her 12 egg sound shakers to play with. I filled each egg with an object (pennies, rice, plastic rings, etc.). She has had a lot of fun just shaking the eggs and listening to the different sounds. After I made this activity, I discovered another way to make and use the egg shakers...fill two eggs with the same object, then try to match up the two sounds. We'll have to try this!

Another plastic egg activity she did...transferring the plastic eggs from the basket to the plate by using salad tongs. Izzie had a difficult time with this activity; the tongs made it harder. I think her hands are too small for the large tongs. I would love to find a smaller pair of tongs and repeat this activity to see if she would do better. To help, I gave her a spoon to use to transfer the eggs...this made it much easier and more enjoyable for her.

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