Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monkeys Jumping On Bed--Day 2

I found these Monkey color cards here. I laminated them, so Izzie could practice matching her color clothespins to the correct color monkey. She is doing a lot better manipulating the clothespins.

Did you notice the outfit that Izzie is wearing? She loves picking out her own clothes!

We made chocolate covered bananas. I wasn't sure if Izzie would like them. She really likes bananas, but hasn't eaten a lot of chocolate. She had two little bites and then was "all done".

My little monkey!


  1. hey love that you made it a clothespin game! :)

    I love chocolate covered bananas yummy!

    To make the title and stuff show up go into layout and click your blog that inspire: then click title of most recent and date of update.

    You can even click that you want snoppet or thumbnail of most recent too if you want.

    hope that helps! have you checked out ittybitty bookworms 5 little monkeys yet!

  2. Hi! Thanks for your sweet compliments about my farm activities! I made all the activities. I made a table on Word with 8 columns & one row and then just copied it several times onto a document in the landscape orientation. Then I used clip art I've collected over the years while teaching from doing my classroom newsletter to make the patterns. The fold up dice template I got here: http://gwydir.demon.co.uk/jo/solid/cube.htm scroll down a bit to see it. Right click and save as on your computer. I used a home publishing program to open it up on and then added the clip art on top.
    I hope this helps!

    You have some great ideas on here, I hope you'll consider submitting to ABC & 123! For instance, the monkey activities would be great to add to a letter M post. When we put out the call for those send us the link so we can add it!

  3. How did you do the bananas? I think Meghan would love that! You can email (and tell me more about Izzie's apraxia and progress at derekannette at gmail dot com. :) Thanks so much!


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