Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sequence Boards

With a two year old and a new baby, my life seems extremely unorganized and chaotic. Izzie functions best when she knows what to expect...she likes a routine. To help both of us, I created these sequence card boards for around the house. They are made out of cardboard, felt, and clipart pictures (2 of each), which are attached with Velcro. At the bottom, I attached two envelopes. One envelope contains the matching pictures and one contains the reward stickers.

"Bye-Bye" sequence board
Our biggest challenge is leaving the house...on time. Unfortunately, we are always late and it seems to be later and later these days. This sequence board hangs by the front door. Izzie knows exactly what needs to be completed before we can leave the house. To help keep track, once she completes a "step", she can place the card on the board underneath the top picture. When she completes the entire sequence, she receives a "Reward Sticker". It's amazing what she will do for a sticker!

Completed board...toy, socks and shoes, coat, hat, mittens.

"Good Morning" sequence board

Completed board...potty, breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, brush hair

"Good Night" sequence board

Completed board...brush teeth, bath, pajamas, story time, night-night

"Potty" sequence board
I placed one of these in each bathroom beside her potty chair. I decided not to use matching pieces for this board. Pictures...go potty, wipe, wash hands, dry hands.

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  1. This is a great idea! I might have to introduce a reward system for my LO's schedule board. I'll be potty training soon too so having pictures of what she needs to do in order is great.


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