Friday, September 11, 2009

Ballet Lessons

Izzie loves, loves, loves to dance around the house. Therefore, she received Ballet lessons as a birthday gift from my husband and me. I was so excited to see her in her ballerina outfit. However, it was not easy an easy task transforming her into a ballerina!

She didn't like her hair up in a bun, she didn't like the way the tights felt on her legs, she didn't like that the tights covered her toes, she didn't like the one piece outfit, nor did she like the shoes. After about a hour of trying to get her dressed and redressed, I was feeling defeated and almost gave up! She cried the entire time to the dance studio, as she pulled her hair out of the bun and kicked off her shoes. I won't pressure my girls into anything; however, I do feel like they need to try different things at least once. I reassured her that if she didn't like Ballet that tonight would be her last night, but I wanted her to try one class. Once I got her hair back up, her shoes back on, and her in the door....the ballerina inside her took over!

She had the best time! She was so excited to see the other little girls in their ballerina outfits and was amazed that they all had on pink shoes too. The parents aren't allowed in the studio, but can sit and in a waiting room and watch the entire lesson over the television. I was a little scared that Izzie would have another meltdown with me not in the room, but to my surprise, she jumped off the chair, ran and stood in line with other ballerinas, and marched off to the studio. I was so proud of her! She participated and followed directions very well. The entire way home, she kept saying, "Mama, more dance please!" So, next week, here we come... hopefully, with a little less drama!


  1. She looks so cute and I am glad she loved her class.

  2. Awwww!! I'm glad it turned out great! Maddie has her very first "lesson" today (it's mommy and me "baby ballet"; Lol) and she is SO excited. I hope she likes it as much as Izzie!


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