Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Organizing Teaching Materials

The theme this week at Growing and Learning By Leaps and Bounds is favorite teaching materials and how we store our supplies.

I'm not really sure what my favorite teaching material is, but my favorite teaching style is "interactive play." I believe that play is essential to the development of children. I encourage Izzie to play a lot throughout the day with a variety of materials. Play encourages curiosity and creativity, promotes motor skills, boosts language and communication skills, and it's a way for her to explore and make sense of her surroundings.

Now, that Izzie is 3 years old and not attending preschool outside of the home, I am also having some struture time throughout the day for "preschool." I'm just starting to acculumate preschool teaching materials and finding ways to keep everything organized.

Art and Crafts Cabinet

Tot School and Craft Shelf

Teaching Material Baskets

Inside Teaching Material Baskets (left to right)
First basket: Colors and Shapes
Second basket: Alphabet
Third basket: Manipulatives
Fourth basket: Numbers
Fifth basket: Fine Motor

Paper Materials

Click here to see more organizational techniques.


  1. wow I love it all! I did the file folders too still do!

    love all your teaching supplies! :)

  2. You look very organized. I am looking forward to reading about Izzie's preschool adventures.

  3. I LOVE your craft closet and all of your supplies for arts and crafts too!

    You have a very nice Tot School area too.

    Very organized:-).

  4. I love this - you have so many great things! And it's all so organized!


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