Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Art Corner

This week, Shannon at Teaching My Little Bookworm is showcasing Art Corners. To limit the amount of toys scattered around the house, we are in the process of converting our one car garage into a playroom. It is almost finished...before and after pictures will be posted soon. Here is the Art Corner in the converted playroom. I really wanted to create an Art Corner where the materials were open and available for Izzie. We are hoping to add an art easel as a Christmas gift.
Izzie's Art Corner

Old television stand used as a desk for creating masterpieces! I used Velcro to attach fabric to the open front. Bucket of coloring books beside desk.

Fabric hides Play-doh materials, paint and accessories, and dry easrse board.

Pocket organizer bought at Target for $2.50. Top pocket holds extra markers, second pocket is for Dot markers, third pocket contains stamps and pads, and the last pocket has sponges and stencils. I started to add lables for Izzie. The little tin cans (I found at Target for $1 each at Easter) hold markers and crayons. I need one more to complete the look.

Finally, on the wall I attached a dry easre board and Doodle board with Velcro. I found the dry easre board for $2.50 at Target. Izzie enjoys being able to remove the boards to use them on the floor. She also has aprons ($1 each at Dollar Tree) for painting.

I really hope that Izzie's imagination runs free in her Art Corner!

For more insipring Art Corners, click here.


  1. I really like the way you've used the colorful buckets, aprons and fabrics. You've got alot of supplies too and they are all stored so neatly in nice containers.

    I like all of this. Hope you get your art easel:-) and have lots of fun with it too!

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE it!! I love how you have utilized your space SO well. The buckets and Magna Doodle and pocket organizer... It all looks so fresh and easily accessible. What a FUN space for her!

  3. This is great! I've been looking for a way to keep out M&M's art supplies without them being in reach of increasingly mobile Bubba. The little buckets on hooks are perfect! I even have some already. Thanks for sharing.

  4. that is a great art corner I might have to adapt some of your great ideas to our kitchen art corner!

    can't wait to see the rest of the playroom!

  5. Looks great! This space has lots of materials and is so well organized.

  6. i love love love the way youve attached stuff to the wall

  7. I think you used wall space really well, and love the idea of little buckets on the walls to keep markers and such. I am a little skeptical on keeping the other supplies under the desk. At this point my daughter seems to be "out of sight out of mind" type. If something is not "in her face", she will not use it. Good luck with getting an easel!


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