Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Counting Chicks

Izzie has been using this activity for counting practice. She rolls the dice, counts the dots on the dice, then counts the correct number of chicks to put into the tray. I've been encouraging her to use the tweezers to pick up each chick and then place it in the tray, but she prefers to use her fingers.

I found the Dice (2 pack) at Dollar Tree, the tweezers (2 pack for $1) and the chicks (after Easter sale) at Michael's, and the tray (around Easter for $1) at Target.

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  1. I love that tray and the huge dice. I hope our Dollar Tree gets those in sometime. This is a great activity and it really looks like she's enjoying it! You have super ideas, I always look forward to reading your posts!


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