Thursday, January 7, 2010

Framed Handprints

Since, this was Mac's first Christmas, I wanted a memorable handprint. And, since I adore handprints, I assumed that my Mom and Mother-In-Law would like them too! I made each of them the below framed art of Izzie and Mac. They both really liked their gift!

Great memorable keepsake for under $10! I bought the frames at Michael's on sale for $9 each and used scrapbooking paper and Mod Podge that I had on hand.


  1. Too cute! I might have to copy this idea for Mother's Day this year. I could do a hand and a footprint. Love it!

  2. Love it!! I am bookmarking this to do for Mother's Day for my mom (and me too)! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, I am SOOOO loving this!!!! I am definitely going to have to bookmark it and add it to my "to make" list! :-)


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