Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge...Are You In?

So, I normally write about Izzie's preschool days at home and my craft adventures...

Now, once a week, I'll be posting about my post-baby weight loss journey. I gained 60 pounds with Mac, who will be 1 year old at the end of January and I'm still lugging around 23 "baby" pounds. I'm a huge fan of the Biggest Loser and decided to participate in the Pound For Pound Challenge this season. So, Tuesday I weighed in at 162.8, yep, I'm even disclosing my weight, which will hold me accountable each week to stick to my eating plan and exercise program! I'm hoping to be at my pre-pregnancy weight of 140 or less at the Biggest Loser Finale in May.

I will be using Weight Watchers for my eating plan and using Tony Horton's 10-Minute Trainer for my exercise program.

I'm looking for some Blogger Friends, who are up for the challenge too! Feel free to post a comment with your name/blog and starting weight and/or pounds to loose. I'm officially starting the Challenge this Tuesday, January 12. Each Tuesday, I'll have a quick update and would love to hear about your progress too!


  1. I wish I could join you! I've gained 60 lbs with this pregnancy too! I am having the baby next week and won't be ready to start yet but I will be following along to see how your plan works out for you and cheering you on. You can do it!

  2. I'd love to join you! I have 20 pounds I would like to loose. I love tony horton he is awesome (i'll be doing his workout as well).

  3. I'll join you! I have lots of baby weight to still lose. My goal by May is 33 pounds. Due to nursing Braeden with his Milk sensitivity...I am not eating diary or soy right now...annoying...but totally helpful in shedding the pounds! I think this will inspire me to actually work out and lose the rest of it. Good Idea!!!

  4. I'll join you! My goal is to lose 30 pounds...I've lost 5 already since the new year began!

    Also, I left you an award today. You inspire me so much with your creativity and activities for tots!

  5. I will join too! This actually is perfect because I was going to start AGAIN this week to watch what I eat and find time to exercise. This will also help me stay on track. I look forward to joining all of you in this journey!

  6. I will join in?! Sounds like it could possibly be fun, lol. I am starting P90X this week.My goal is 20 lbs. I am starting at 160. Blah

  7. I'm in! I would love to lose 20 lbs, but I think I will break it down into two goals of 10 lbs. I'm cutting out all snacking, cutting down portion sizes and working out 20-30 minutes a day with weights, walking and elliptical.

  8. Wow...congrats to you all getting started on this challenge. I have about 10 or so lbs that I've been wanting to get rid of once so I'll join in on the fun. I also love the Biggest Loser.

    Seeing all the people doing Tony Horton workouts is awesome!!! He is an amazing person! I just spent the weekend at a Tony Horton Fitness camp here in Scottsdale AZ. It was 3 days of workouts, seminars and fun with the man himself.

    I've been working out at home for gosh 8 years now so I have quite a DVD collection...but right now I'm just doing misc Tony Horton workouts...specifically the One On Ones.

    I will weigh in tomorrow for my starting weight!

    Thanks Cindy for starting this!!


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