Thursday, September 8, 2011

Measuring By The Ship Printable

I absolutely love Mailbox books/magazines! There are so many creative learning ideas inside every book! I found this neat measuring idea and decided to make a handout to go along with it.

The measuring ship strips are from the book. I photocopied them onto color cardstock and then laminated for durability. I gathered some household items and created a handout, then the fun was ready to begin!

By The Ship

Mac was very interested in helping Izzie with measuring all the objects and counting how many ships long every object measured!

Izzie, "Let's measure something that is super long! How about two rulers?"

Izzie, "Let's measure my foot!"

Izzie, "Oh, I want to measure all of me!"

Izzie, " I want to measure Mac, too!"

This measuring activity was a hit! Izzie went around the house and measured everything!

After she graphed her results, we reviewed the terms longest and shortest.

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