Sunday, September 18, 2011

Extras For Pirate Unit

We had finished our Pirate Unit, but then I found more amazing pirate loot! So, we decided to do a couple more days about pirates...isn't homeschooling ARGGG...GREAT!!

1+1+1=1 recently released a new pirate unit for kindergartners!

Beginning letter sound pirate wheel with matching letter clothespins.

Same idea with a little twist! I took all the sound objects for letters "B, C, H, P, and T" from the Alphabet Sound Drawers and placed inside the little "treasure chest".

Izzie placed each object to it's correct letter sound.

Completed letter sound wheel with matching objects!

Izzie can recognize which group of objects contains the most/least amount, but this was the first time she used "greater than/less than"signs. I was surprised how quickly she caught on to the concept!

Pirate number line...I glued the cute little pirate onto a clothespin, so it easily attached to the laminated number line and covered the appropriate number. After I attached the pirate over a particular number, Izzie had to say which number was covered up, then she reviewed what number was "before" and what number was "after" the covered-up number. We also played a simple math game. I told Izzie the pirate was walking the number plank and she had to make sure he was taking enough steps either forward or backward. Example: pirate covering up number 5...the pirate needs to take 3 steps forward, what number will he land on? Or, the pirate needs to take 2 steps backward, what number will he land on? Very simple. But, reviewed counting forward and backward, while starting at different numbers.

Same concept as above, just pirate on each line can not be moved.

Identification and sorting of coins: quarter, dime, nickel, and penny. Izzie can now recall how many of each coin there is in one dollar, such as 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, and 100 pennies.

Listening to verbal directions activity.

Here are a few activities from Preschool Printables. I printed out one set for Izzie and Mac (Tot School), but there's actually another set, too!

Counting Number Cards with clothespins

Letter P practice writing sheet.

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with the Internet. I absolutely LOVE finding so many amazing educational activities, but I really hate that I can't fit everything I find into our schedule!

I just recently found ANOTHER pirate unit full of FREE printables! We were already done with our pirate unit, again, so we did not complete any of these. However, they are printed off and ready to use next year with Mac!

One more Pirate Unit!

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