Sunday, September 25, 2011

Storytime From A to Z: What Color Is Your Underwear?

This week at Coop, the Storytime From A to Z letter was "U" and the book was "What Color Is Your Underwear?".

To introduce/review the letter "U" sound, we played a little game with an umbrella. I had the students sit in a circle, while tapping their hands on the floor to sound like rain, and signing the following tune..."uh-uh-umbrella! Who's dancing under the umbrella? (Name) is dancing under the umbrella!" Each student had a turn dancing under the umbrella, while the others sang the tune. It was also a great way to review names!

We read "What Color Is Your Underwear?"...with lots of giggles!
Review from This hilarious lift-the-flap features animals and the underwear they wear! Kids will roar with laughter as they lift each flap and reveal boxers on a horse, furry undies on a crocodile, leafy green bloomers on a sheep, and more. We save the best for last, though--on the final spread, an elephant is hiding behind a large leaf...for good reason. He forgot to put on any underwear! This is a fun way to teach colors...and the importance of wearing your drawers!

They finished by decorating their own pair of underwear with stamps!

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  1. Is there anyway you could send me that underwear form? I would love it for tomorrow! So cute!!


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