Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The girls' "BIG" gift...

For Christmas, my girls receive 2 1/2 gifts from us. One "big" gift that they share and then two individual gifts. This year, their shared gift was the "Diner"!

I found this Pottery Barn market stand on Craigslist for $35, which I was thrilled about! It retails for $300. With a little fabric and imagination, I transformed it into the "DINER"...

I was super excited to make more felt food for the girls! I added a few accessories and their cash register from their current play kitchen.

Homemade waffles and bacon with an apple (from their play kitchen).

Homemade pancake, egg, and bacon with an orange (from their play kitchen).

Homemade hotdog with chips and cookies (from their play kitchen). I borrowed their ketchup and mustard from their kitchen too!

For the fourth place setting, I borrowed the entire sandwich and fries from their kitchen!!

I found a ton of adorable "Diner" accessories at Michael's!

The plates, baskets, bowls, cups, and utensils were all purchased at Michael's. Plates and baskets were $1 each, bowls and cups were 2 for $1, and a set of 4 utensils for $1.

I had planned on making menus, but couldn't resist the matching menus at Michael's! The smaller ones were 40 in a pack for $1...I laminated a few for the girls and stored the others.

The larger menus were $1 each.

I also got these cute little bags! What's inside each bag?

Dry-erase order-taking board, of course! Only $1 each at Michael's!

Guest checks...huge packet (I think 50) for only $1. I laminated a few for each girl, so they can reuse them.

Play checks (again, I think 50 in the package) for only $1. I laminated several in order to reuse them!

Play money....again, laminated to last longer! A bunch in the package for only $1.

The guest checks, play checks, and play money were all purchased at Michael's.

In addition, I found two cute 2-piece chef apron/hat and waitress apron/hat sets for only $1 at Michael's!

I'm thrilled with the way the "Diner" turned out and very thankful for all the amazing accessories that I found at Michael's!

Total cost...

Pottery Barn Market Stand: $35
Fabric/letters for transformation: $15
Accessories from Michael's: $24
Homemade felt food: free from scraps that I already had

Grand Total: $75 Love it!!

Our tree on Christmas Eve 2011

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