Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ready To Read Level 1: Units 2-5

Izzie is LOVING our new Reading Curriculum! It's true, I was once a former teacher, but I was a high school biology, by the time the students got to me, they already knew how to read! I've been dragging my feet teaching Izzie how to read, plain and simple, I just wasn't sure how to teach her to read! She knew all her letters and their sounds before she was 3. Honestly, between ages 3--5, we just read together...she began sounding out simple CVC words during this time and could recognize a few sight words, but that's it. Very long story....super short version...after 2 years of a ton of research trying to find a reading curriculum that would work for a 5 year old and a 30+ year old (Ha!), I stumbled, no actually, my prayers were answered, when I discovered the Ready To Read curriculum, which was created by a former teacher. It truly has been a blessing! We started using the program back in November and currently just finished Unit 5. We're spending a week or so on each unit. It is truly fabulous! Izzie is READING...EVERYTHING! She enjoys the activities and is so excited each day to complete the assignments. If you're scared, hesitant, or just don't know where or how to begin teaching your child to read, this program may be the right one for you too!

Look at all the sight words that Izzie has learned in Units 1-5!

Her word family charts on the refrigerator!

Unit 1: Click here to see previous post about Unit 1.

Unit 2: Sight Words (can, you, look, up, is) and CVC word families (-ip and -ig)

Unit 3: Sight Words (my, jump, down, in, big) and CVC Families (-ot and -it)

Unit 4: Sight Words (we, for, play, help, come) and Word Families (-ug and -op)

Unit 5: Sight Words (little, find, yellow, one, it) and Word Families (-ad and -ap)

If you're looking for a beginning reading curriculum, please take a look at Ready To Read!

**I have not been compensated in anyway for this post...this is my opinion of the program and our success story!**


  1. You are so right! This IS a great program. I like you have never taught anyone to read (when I homeschooled my kids already knew how) so this was very scary for me. But then when I saw Annie's program I was so encouraged. It really works. My grandson is reading. And to hear him sound out words is great.

    I love to see your posts, they give me many ideas and encouragement. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW!! I don't even know what to say, except thank you a millions times! Your post was such an encouragement to me!! I really feel honored and humbled that you said such kind words! And I just LOVE the fact that your daughter has her princess shoes on the table and is wearing her princess outfit! It sure sounds like our home:)


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