Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Relaxing Over The Holiday...

Over the Christmas holiday, we spent a little time traveling, a lot of time visiting with family, and quiet a bit of time at the Children's Museum! I had "big" plans of planning for the new semester; unfortunately, very little planning was accomplished...however, a lot of fun family times happened! Isn't planning supposed to be done at midnight the night before??

Day at the Museum...we met friends there for a playdate; therefore, Izzie was way too cool to have her picture taken by me! Ha! She literally ran from the camera! Thankfully, Mac LOVES getting her picture taken!

I find it quiet funny that neither of my girls know how to properly hold an "old school" phone!

Take 2: Afternoon at the Museum with Daddy! He really did enjoy the exhibits!

We even stopped by a "new" Children's Museum on the way back from Nana and Popi's house, which really helped the long car drive!

Fun, fun times!

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