Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dolch Pre-Primer SLIDESHOW!

I recently finished a class, Integrating Technology In The Classroom, for re-certification purposes. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot! It's amazing how much technology has changed since I taught in public schools, well, I have been out of the classroom for 6 years! My favorite "new" program is "PREZI".

Izzie has been learning the Dolch Pre-Primer sight words, so I created this Prezi for her to review her sight words!

For your little one to view the slideshow, click HERE!

**Click the arrow at the bottom right-hand corner to move to next sight word.**

If you get motion sickness, this may not be the slideshow for you!



  1. oh awesome! I can't wait to see it. When I click on the link it says that the link does not exist.

  2. Activity Mom--Thanks for letting me know about the nonworking link. I think it's fixed...I hope!


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