Friday, January 13, 2012

Ready To Read Level 1: Unit 1

Last November, I stumbled upon an AMAZING blog, The Moffatt Girls. I was so excited when I saw that Annie had created an entire Reading Curriculum! I was thrilled to purchase Ready To Read Level 1 (Units 1-8). I absolutely LOVE that everything is completed for me! Annie has included a lesson plan for each week...seriously, the only prep work that I have is printing and laminating the material! Izzie is having a blast with this really helps that there's a variety of activities! Actually, there are 265 pages of activities for the entire 
Level 1.


Unit 1 covers --at and --an family words with several different activities.

Adorable flowers with each word family. We put a magnet on each and placed on the refrigerator...easy access for Izzie to practice sounding out the words!


Coloring each word family

Word family sliders

Matching the CVC word to the correct picture

Circling the correct CVC word

Unit 1 sight words: and, see, the, I, a

Tracing the sight words

Color By Sight Word

Crack The Sight Word Code...Izzie had never completed an activity like this and she LOVED it! It was her favorite activity in the unit!

For each unit, there are 5 different "Read It, Trace It, Paste It" handouts, which incorporate only the sight words and word family words from the unit in the sentences!

Izzie reading the two emergent readers, again each reader contains the sight words and word family words from the current unit!

If you're looking for a user (mommy) friendly reading curriculum, Ready To Read, is for you!! I love how Level 1 (Units 1-8) covers all the Dolch Pre-Primer words and the word families!

In addition, there are several other packages that I'm excited to purchase that will compliment Level 1!

Word Family Graphing--Level 1

Sight Word Graphing (Pre-Primer)

If you're looking for a beginning reading curriculum, please take a look at Ready To Read at The Moffatt Girls Shop.

 **I have not been compensated in anyway for this post...this is my opinion of the program and our success story!**


  1. I couldn't agree more. We have been using this program since mid September and my grandson went from not reading (or just a few words) to reading everything he sees. We just started unit 7 of level 1, and he is blowing me away. I adjusted this program to fit a boy a little more, but other than that I just use it as it is planned out and it works! You are going to love this I guarantee it!

  2. I just saw this post tonight and it seriously made me want to cry!! Seeing your little kids using and reading with the Ready2Read is so AWESOME!! Thank you for your kind word and what an INCREDIBLE posts!! Thank you!!


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