Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day Activities

We started the morning out by reading a few Groundhog Day books that we checked out from the library. During each book, Izzie kept running and looking out the window to see if she saw a groundhog and it's shadow! She determined that the groundhog did not see his shadow, wishful thinking!

Izzie made a cute little groundhog on a craft stick to move in and out of his hole (yogurt cup)! Idea from here.

We also sang the Mr. Groundhog song, while playing with the groundhog craft.

Mr. Groundhog
--Tune: "Frere Jacques"

Mr. Groundhog, Mr. Groundhog,

Take a peek, Take a peek.

If you see your shadow

The weather will be awful

For six more weeks, six more weeks.

Izzie had a great time matching up the lower-case groundhogs to their capital letter hole.

File folder printable found here.

In addition, she correctly sequenced numbers 0-30. In order not to overwhelm her, I gave Izzie numbers 0-10 first, once she had them in correct order, I gave her numbers 11-20, and finally 21-30.

Izzie loves Dot Art!

She completed the Groundhog Color By Numbers. To encourage independence, I color coded the numbers at the bottom and explained the code to Izzie. She did very well at coloring the sections with the correct color. Side note: Izzie is very rough when she colors and tends to break a lot of crayons. For Christmas, she received "Twistables" from Crayola and they are perfect for her!

This was Izzie's first Emergent Reader that she completed (could not get the picture to turn around). She did super with it and I'm so excited to begin focusing on sight words with her. For this activity, I highlighted the sight word "see" on each mini-page and color coded the "color" words too.

She was able to "read" the entire booklet and was so proud of herself!

We had a fun filled morning, even if we are going to have 6 more weeks of bad weather!

Izzie reading her book (with an itchy face!)

Words to book:
I see a red hat
I see purple buttons
I see an orange nose (she says beak because it looks like a beak)
I see a green scarf
I see blue eyes
I see a yellow sun
I see a black shadow
Now you don't see me!


  1. Such adorable ideas! I am even more impressed that you already have them completed and blogged about. The groundhog did Not see his shadow here :)

  2. Too cute!! You have a TON of great ideas! Looks like you and your little one had fun!

    Thanx for the comment on my blog!

    Angee :)

  3. I love that groundhog craft! I completely forgot all about groundhog's day LOL

  4. What awesome ideas! I can't wait until JDaniel is old enough to do some of them. You did a great job.

  5. Hi!

    Hope you are well. I wanted you to know you won the felt giveaway! Congrats! Do you want me to let Mecca know you want the mailbox pattern or do you want something else?

  6. Girl, great minds think alike! We did some of the same activities you did too- my fav was the snowman booklet.

    Isn't it AWESOME when they "read" something all on their own?

  7. What a cute file folder game you put together. I am also loving all the great Groundhog Day book suggestions. Must add them to my list for next year! Thanks for linking up!

  8. I liked your Groundhog books - we will be looking for them next year (bookmarking your post). It's funny how different kids can be - Anna just doesn't like any dot art or print-by-color activities. Well, she doesn't like coloring in general :) Izzy did great with number sort - very impressive!


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