Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tot School

Tot School

is currently 41 months old and Mac is 12 months old.

We had quite a busy week of Tot School! Last weekend, we received 12+ inches of snow and the roads weren't clear until Wednesday, then another snow storm dropped 20 inches on us Friday/Saturday and the roads are nowhere near being, we are still inside! Yep, we've been in the house now for 9 days straight!! So, we've had a lot of time for Tot School.

Izzie made this cute little groundhog and completed a ton of Groundhog Day activities. Click here to see all of them.

She completed her first Emergent Reader (sight word "see") and loved it! She's been "reading" it all week!

This week's theme for Naturally Curious Tots was "Seasons". Izzie completed this matching pocket chart activity. Click here for more details and for printable link.

Feb. 3 was Elmo's birthday, so to celebrate the girls wore red for the day! Izzie completed several Elmo Dot Art pages and we had a great time reading all the Sesame Street books in the house!

Mac really enjoys music these days and LOVES to dance! So, she's been playing a lot with her musical toys. This stacking ring is a favorite.

The bell out of this set is another favorite!

And of course, she's having a blast with all the different sounds on her Leap Frog table!

For Izzie's stART project, we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and she created and painted this cute little guy! To see original post, click here.

In addition, she did several activities about the book. Including the below Emergent Reader (sight word "see"). Click here for more details.

And, she used the heart as a marker when she read the sight-word "see", while reviewing the shapes. Click here for original post.

And, she matched up the heads and tails of the animals in the book.

To have some fun with the sight-word "see", Izzie played a little game that she loved with her Melissa and Doug latches board. Click here to see more details about how to play!

Finally, the girls had a great time playing this week. Here are a few of their favorite activities from the week...

Playing with their stacking blocks...not together...but, very close together!

I found these at Tuesday Morning for around $8. They are perfect for speech therapy practice with Izzie. Notice that on each block, on every side, there's a simple word and corresponding picture.

Mac is also having a fun time chasing balls! It's hilarious to watch her amuse herself with a ball. She will throw and chase the ball over and over and over again! This texture ball is her favorite!

Well, it looks like we may be in the house this week too! So, we may have another productive week of Tot School!

To see more Tot School activities, please visit 1+1+1=1


  1. Wow, that is a lot of snow! I moved from a state that would get tons of snow to a state that gets none, so I kind of miss it. I just have to say that Mac looks so cute in that stacking ring picture. I really like the seasons and clothing matching, I will have to print that out and use it with M&M soon.

  2. Seeing your littlest reminds me of how fast my daughter is growing! How fun that you have two daughters. =) Lots of fun learning going on at your house. I can imagine they will be great friends as they grow together. =)

  3. My little one loved the cow bell when she was your daughters age. We did the heads and tails activity this week too!

  4. Great week! So fun that Izzie is "reading". Love the elmo activities :)

  5. What a fun week! We have been getting crazy amounts of snow the past week + as well!

  6. Oh goodness, Mac is getting SO big - what a cutie! I love all the Brown Bear activities, I know M would love them too!

  7. I just love the last picture of Mac with her ball - so cute. It sounds like you had a great week despite being stuck inside.


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