Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Textured Number Bags

Several weeks ago, I made Mac textured number bags for her first birthday and she has been having so much fun with them!

I made numbers 1-10, each with a different fabric and stuffing inside. I had so much fun at the fabric store picking out the various fabric. I was able to get 10 completely different fabric textures! I used scrap fabric and webbing to add the numbers. In addition, I added ribbon to correspond to the number.

A look closer (the pictures would not turn around, sorry!)...

What's inside?

1. cotton balls
2. plastic baggies
3. rice
4. plastic baby wipes package
5. small beans
6. large beans

7. lentils
8. craft beads
9. tissue paper
10. felt


  1. So when are you opening your Etsy store? They are beautiful!

  2. They are so cool! I love how you added the textures on the outside and the different stuff on the inside. The tags are such a good idea! I haven't been able to work with my sewing machine yet, but you've inspired me to make the time!

  3. Those are great! I'm sure she does love them.

  4. I'm going to link up to this post on March 6th in my Baby Activity post. Can I use the picture of your bags?


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