Monday, February 8, 2010

H is for...

Thanks to the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD, Izzie knows the sound of each letter! I highly recommend this DVD to all parents! Izzie received the DVD for her 3rd birthday back in September and quickly learned all the sounds and was able to recite the entire alphabet within a week.

She has begun trying to sound out words, while we are reading and will often tell me what letter a word begins with...example, If I say, "Izzie, please put away your toys." She'll respond, " T." So, to follow her lead, I found this neat activity...

Inside each heart, there is a picture that may or may not start with the letter "H" sound. As Izzie colored the pictures, we discussed what they were and what sounds each began with. Then, I simply made a huge heart with a pocket (light pink at the bottom), so Izzie could place the hearts that begin with the letter "H" sound inside the pocket. This is also a fun way to practice her speech therapy!

Did you notice that she's wearing her heart pajamas? She insisted on wearing them for this activity!


  1. Great activity!!! Ryleigh has also done really well with the Letter Factory...I was surprised how fast she picked up all the letter sounds :)

  2. All the LeapFrog DVD's are great. We love them.

    Cindy I have NO idea how you have time to put together all these activities for Izzie. You really amaze and inspire me!!!

  3. Meghan also knows her sounds thanks to that video! She is getting the word video for Easter.

    Meghan also does the funny t-t-toys once in a while. I think our girls are so much alike! Meghan also likes to tell me what letter words begin with when I ask. :) SHe is mostly right.

    Cute games!


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