Friday, July 22, 2011

Felt Money

Have I mentioned that I love to shop at yard sales? Well, if I haven't...I do! I've found a ton of great learning resources this summer! I had been eying this Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register for a long time and was thinking about purchasing it for Izzie for Christmas this year. Thankfully, I found a fully functional one this summer for only $10...a little high for a yard sale, but I knew that it was worth it! And, of course I decided to go ahead and give it to the girls.

It came with everything! Money, coins, and the credit cards. This is such a neat learning cash register...the girls are truly "learning" from playing with it..I would highly recommend it!

Mac loves to play with it too...a little too much! She has destroyed several pieces of the money.

Izzie was becoming more and more frustrated with Mac. At first, I put the money away. But, quickly realized that punishing them was not the right solution for either. So, we agreed that Izzie was allowed to play with the paper money that came with the cash register and I would make Mac some money to play with too!

Mac's felt play money with coins! Completely Mac proof...I hope!

*Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. Unfortunately, I got sand in my camera at the beach, so it's currently nonfunctional...leaving me taking pictures with my phone!*

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  1. If that doesn't work, I have tons of laminated money I could share with you!


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