Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Zoo Visit

We spent this past week at the beach. It's an 8-hour drive, which can feel like an eternity with two small girls. We left out early and spent the day at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, which is the halfway point. Thankfully, the girls were exhausted from our zoo adventure and slept the rest of the way to the beach!

It was hot, really hot! This thermometer was actually in the shade...I don't want to know the actual temperature that it was in the sun!

We spent a little over 5 hours there and only tour the continent of Africa.

The first animal that we saw was the ostrich...

There were suppose to be giraffes and zebras in this exhibit, too. But, they were not there at this time. The entire 5 hours, Izzie begged to go back and see the zebras and Mac kept saying, "Me want see giraffes!" Lesson learned: Don't mention the animals that are "suppose" to be there!

Looking for the lion...

Found the lion...sleeping in the shade.

They both loved looking at the map! Izzie was fascinated by trying to figure out where we were on the map by locating the pictures of the animals that were close to us.

Making silly chimp faces!

Seeing the newest exhibit, the Swap Ghosts.

We've been to this zoo before and really enjoyed it. This trip, it was hot...the animals were scarce due to the weather, it was crowded, and we were miserably hot. Thankfully, the girls enjoyed playing on/with the statues throughout the zoo, which helped!

Checking out the rhino...

And the elephant...

As we were completing the African continent circle, heading back to the entrance, we saw...

Mac's giraffes!

And, Izzie's zebras!

We did have a great afternoon at the zoo, even if it was miserably hot!

Our only family photo at the zoo and I didn't double check to make sure it turned out...oops!

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