Friday, July 8, 2011

Water Painting

We've been participating in Michael's Passport To Fun activities each week. If you haven't tried it, I would really encourage you to do so! It doesn't end until July 30th. The girls have really enjoyed making crafts from the different countries and I love that they can make a mess there and I don't have to clean it up (I know, that is probably wrong to say, but it is so true!).

During our last trip, we stumbled on this really neat painting booklet for just a buck! Not sure how many total pages (since, they've completed several already), but I would guess at least 20. It's great...add water and paint with no mess...fantastic!


  1. Hmm looks like I need to take a trip to Michael's!

  2. I love the trays that they are using...where did you find them? Did you find those at Michaels also? I may have to get the girls some.


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