Friday, July 1, 2011

Homemade Gifts

I enjoy giving and receiving homemade gifts, to me they are so much more meaningful. For Father's Day, the girls painted and decorated frames! The frames were only $1 at Michael's. While picking out the perfect paint color, Izzie chose pink. I questioned her choice by saying, "Izzie, remember this frame is for Dada, do you think he will like the color pink?" Her response, "Dada loves me and he will love any color that I choose." My response, "You are completely right, pink is a perfect choice!" Izzie..."Umm...maybe I'll choose red."

The girls had so much fun painting them and I love how each frame represents their personality.

The completed masterpieces...

The girls also painted a frame for Grandad and decorated him a cool new coffee mug (kit found at Michael's for $2).

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