Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family Fun At Amusement Park

While at the beach, we spent one entire day at Family Kingdom. We ended up purchasing the all-day pass for the girls, which was such a great decision. They rode and rode the rides, over and over again!

The only problem we had was getting Mac to wear the bracelet...she refused to have it around her wrist, so we put it around her ankle, which wasn't any better. After about 20 minutes of non-stop screaming, (while, Izzie was having a blast riding the rides!), I found the manager and begged him to cut off the bracelet from her ankle. He was so understanding and had the perfect solution...he placed the bracelet at the back of her sandal, which she didn't even notice, then went around and told everyone working the rides that her bracelet-pass was on her shoe!

Izzie enjoying the rides!

After the bracelet problem was solved, Mac enjoying the rides, too!

Izzie was much more of a thrill seeker, than I had imagined! She insisted on riding the mini roller coaster!

Front seat!

And, the only child on the ride! The park was not crowded, so no waiting in lines!

The entire day, she kept pointing to the gigantic roller coaster, begging to ride it. Finally, we decided that if she was tall enough, my husband would ride it with her. Thankfully, she was 10 inches to short! She was so disappointed. However, she was tall enough to ride the Log Flume water ride with Dada! So, down they went!

After a quick dinner, we headed back to the park with Grandad and Uncle M.

Izzie sweet talked Uncle M into riding the Log Flume with her! They were practicing their face to make at the camera coming down the big hill!

She even got him to ride the enormous Farris Wheel with her, too! Did I mention that he is terrified of heights?

Boy, did we have a great time at the park! And boy, did they sleep well that night!

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