Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TOS Review: Math Made Easy

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I had the opportunity to review Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy from Math Made Easy.

Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy is a six week program designed for mastery of addition facts. Within a few short weeks, your child will know the addition facts quickly, without having to count on his or her fingers!   This program is recommended for first and second graders, but has successfully been used with specials needs children and kindergarteners.  

Everything that is needed for the six week program is inside of the coil-bound workbook, which is reproducible within your family.  The cost is $24.95.

 Addition cover

What's included?
  • The philosophy of Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy.
  • A brief description of how to use the program.
  • An addition pre-test and post-test.
  • Six weeks of daily activity sheets.
  • Weekly review sheets. 
  • Games and flashcards. 

Math is Izzie's favorite subject and she excels in it.  Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy, not only held her attention, but also improved her quickness with the addition facts. 

Izzie was able to correctly complete the entire Addition Pre-Test, without using her fingers.  However, she did mentally work out some of the problems in her head.  Her speed improved throughout the program and by the end of the program, the math facts were completely  memorized...no more working out the problems in her head.  I'm not sure how this program would work, if you're child is just beginning to learn addition facts, as Izzie has a very solid foundation of addition.  

How we used the program:

The same day Izzie completed the Addition Pre-Test, we began the program by completing the Zeros & Ones section, which included an addition activity worksheet and a word problems worksheet.


The following Monday, she began the six week program.  Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy is set up in the same sequence each week.  

First, introduce your child the new addition facts by using many different concrete objects so that he or she will be able to visualize the addition concept.  


Next, complete the daily activity worksheet and choose a weekly game to play.  

 Monday: Addition Coloring
 Week 1

Tuesday:  Addition Code
Week 2 

Wednesday:  Addition Cut and Paste Puzzle 
Week 3

Thursday:  Addition Problems 
Week 4

Friday:  Math Problems Of The Week 
Week 5

 There are 3 different weekly games to choose from.  The games are printed on card-stock, but I chose to laminate.  It was a lot of preparation and several other supplies were needed to complete.  I would prefer pre-assembled games. 

 Pin each addition bow on the correct answer.   There's one for each week. 

  Ice Cream Addition Facts  

Again, different bottom layer for each week. 

 Gumball Addition Fact Game 

Lastly, drill with the weekly flashcards.  

 At the end of the week, complete the weekly review.  If your child can answer each fact within 8 seconds or less, it is suggested that he or she will be very successful at higher levels of math.

  Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy would be a nice supplement to any math curriculum.  However, it's a bit pricey for just a six week supplement.   

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Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Crew, I received a free copy of Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy from Math Made Easy in return for an honest review.

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