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TOS Review: This Week in History

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate history into your daily plans, without spending countless hours preparing?  YES!?  Me too!!  This Week in History from Rachel DeMille is definitely your solution!  

This Week in History, a paid subscription from Thomas Jefferson Education, provides a weekly on-line bundle of resources, including math, science, language skills, geography, current events, the arts and so on--all tied to events in history, delivered directly to your e-mail.  Each weekly e-mail is packed with pictures, activities, projects, direct links to specific websites, videos, discussion questions and much more, all tied to historical events for each day of the week.  The lessons vary in age level; some are more appropriate for older students, while some are geared more for younger students, but all lessons can be adapted to fit the needs of your family. 

Seriously, there's so much information with very little to no planning needed!  Too good to be true?  Check it out yourself!  Click here to see several sample weeks of This Week in History.  Go ahead, go check it out!  It's amazing and you'll want to stay awhile, digesting all the the information, but hurry back! 

Told you!  Amazing!  

You get all this, every week, delivered directly to your e-mail for only $9.99 per month.

 How we used This Week in History

Since, it's summer and we aren't schooling everyday, I decided only to choose one day of the week to complete suggested activities from This Week in History.  I enjoyed receiving the e-mails a week ahead of time, just in case I needed to gather supplies, which only ended up being one trip to the library.  

Week of July 5-July 12

July 11, 1899
E.B. White was born.  He was best know for his children's classic, Charlotte's Web.

When I saw this, I knew Izzie would love reading Charlotte's Web.  We don't own the book, so knowing ahead of time allowed me to check it out from the library. 

Week of July 12-July 18

July 18, 1976
Nadio Comaneci became the first gymnast to receive a perfect score in the Olympic Games on the uneven bars and balance beam.  

One suggested activity was to perform some gymnastics!  A great way to incorporate a trip to the park.
My perfect 10s! 

Week of July 19- July 25

July 23, 1903
The Ford Motor Company sells its first car. 

Izzie strolling around in her Ford car!  Learning at the beach!

Week of July 26- August 1

July 28, 1866
Beatrix Potter was born.  Famous author of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  

I love how there are direct links to all suggested activities and projects.  With a simple click, I was printing out Peter Rabbit coloring pages.  

August 2-August 8

August 3, 2003
Death of Peter Safar, Father of Emergency and Resuscitation Medicine. 

Suggested project was to make your own first aid kit.  The list of supplies was great, several I hadn't thought of!  We headed to our local store and purchased several of the suggested items, while discussing what each is used for. 

We've really enjoyed This Week in History from Thomas Jefferson Education this summer and look forward to incorporating it into more days this fall!  

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received a free subscription to This Week in History, in return for an honest review.

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