Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dr. Suess's ABC

For Mac's first week of school, we're focusing on the alphabet.  She enjoys all Dr. Seuss books, especially Dr. Seuss's ABC

I brought back out the alphabet rice sensory activity, which she loves!

 These jumbo tweezers are great for fine motor skills.

After completing the puzzle, she moved on to scooping the rice from container to container.  These containers are the salad containers from Chick-fil-A...a nice way to recycle and they are perfect for numerous tot school activities too.  Don't forget to bring home the lid too. 

Creating a rice castle for her princess. 

The rice sensory bin kept her busy for over an hour!  If you don't mind cleaning up a mess afterward, it's a must tot school activity!

My girls really like watching their favorite books on YouTube!

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