Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Shoes

Last fall, Izzie was first introduced to Twinkle Toes at our weekly homeschooling coop. The first day of class, she was greeted by 8 little girls, most wearing these bright, colorful, light-up shoes.  Izzie was all googly eyes about these shoes.  After seeing these firecrackers, she was not at all impressed with her plain, non-flashy Stride Rites!  She quickly asked for a pair, but was told that we had already bought school shoes, so she needed to wait.  The first time at the store when she spotted the shoes, I was shocked by the sticker price!  We buy "good" quality shoes, but I couldn't see paying that price for this particular pair of shoes.  Every time we went shopping at Kohls, she would want to go "look" at the Twinkle Toes and "pick" which pair she liked best.  I had no intention of ever purchasing these shoes....

Until, this summer at the beach.   After not finding a pair of colorful shoes at Stride Rite, we headed to the Sketcher's outlet....and guess what we left with?  

One super duper bright, colorful, flashy...

little girl!  

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