Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creation: Days 1, 2, and 3

The girls are continuing to work hard on their Bible Timeline Notebook.  

Before learning about the Days of Creation, we spent some time discussing the meaning of "time".  It was a difficult concept for the girls to understand that long ago there was no such thing as time, no night and no day.

It was even more difficult for them to comprehend that there was "nothing'...no sun, no moon, no mountains, no animals, no people....only God. 

They were completely impressed that God created everything through his spoken word!    

It didn't take long for them to ponder the question,"Who made God?"  

Day 1: Creation of Light

They were given strips of black and yellow construction paper to divide darkness and light. 



Day 1 template found HERE

Day 2: Creation of Sky 

The girls used paint to separate the water from the sky. 


Day 2 template found HERE.

Creation 3: Creation of land with flowers and trees.

 The girls enjoyed creating a scene with many flower and tree stickers.


Day 3 template found HERE.


  1. Hi :-) I'm so thankful for these creation day projects. I've already used Day 1 and 2. When I click on the link for the templates - I get a message saying you've been denied access. Then it allows me to click on a button that says "request permission for access". I did that last week, but I don't think I heard from you. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Help!! :-)

  2. Same for me. I just did it myself. Also looks like we are on our own for days 4-7. At least it gave me a start for a great idea!


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