Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Letter S: Sun

Mac will be beginning My Father's World, Kindergarten in January, when she turns 4.  Personally, I believe MFW Kindergarten is more on a preschool level, not that my child is a genius!  Ha!

Anyway, I've been preparing to get everything ready, and Mac is so excited that she begged to do something out of the enormous MFW binder!  Since, she has been learning about the sun, I gave her letter S...

 Rolling play-doh snakes to create the letter S.

Tracing the letter S, while saying it's sound...

She really surprised me with her writing skills! 

 Coloring, cutting, and pasting pictures that begin with the "s" sound.



 Deciding which pictures begin with the letter "s" sound.

She was so excited to complete her "school" work!  Anxiously waiting to begin MFW with her in January!

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