Thursday, October 18, 2012

What Causes Day and Night?

Since we have been talking about the fourth day of Creation (sun, moon, and stars), the girls learned about what causes day and night on Earth.  

First, they located where we live on planet Earth. 



 The girls discovered that the Earth rotates or spins on an axis, making a full rotation every 24 hours. 

In addition, they learned that different sides of the Earth are exposed to the sun during the course of these 24 hours, with half the planet being exposed to sun (day), while the other half is deprived of light (night).  This rotation of the Earth is what causes day and night.

Mac using the flashlight to demonstrate the sun, while observing the Earth's rotation.  They were super excited to find out that when it's day here at our home, it's night time in China.  

Here are a few books that we read to help explain and clarify the Earth's rotation. 


Where Does the Sun Go at Night?; An Earth Science Mystery (First Graphics: Science Mysteries)

Day and Night (I Know That)

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