Sunday, October 7, 2012

Field-Trip #3b: Picking Pumpkins

After spending the morning at a local Produce Auction, we headed over to a nearby farm to pick and paint pumpkins! 

The local farmer told the children that they could choose any pumpkin in the patch!  
 It was such a tough decision for Izzie and Mac and after careful examination of many pumpkins, Izzie chose a small orange pumpkin...

 And Mac decided on a nice round white pumpkin! 


 Showing off their pumpkins and patiently waiting to paint them!

The local farmer washed away all the dirt before painting.

 Let the painting begin! 

Ready for some lunch, then off to the final field-trip of the day! 

Stay tuned for Field-trip #3c...Natural Chimneys! 

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  1. Looks like such fun. We just went to our local pumpkin farm last week and the kids loved it!!

    Lindsey @


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